Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Secret love

I had a hard rough experiences coming this far,
Knowing not how to go about it,
Doubting you might overturn all my effort,
Worried in a swift journey I may lend up nowhere,
Introverting myself for Love I did not have in my power,
Secretly hidden were all my feelings wanting to explode & reach you,
Hesitant overrode by the position I held in the midst of Love expedition,
Uncertain I was for I thought you were dating someone you love,
Fear corrode my unsettled mind for I won’t make it to you,
My despair almost mislead into the world’s darkest,
Agitated by my own decrementing self-esteem I almost quit my fight to price my LOVE.
Now these has all gone,
Its history that will be fun if you care to go back & listen to,
Not a mystery that welcomes unexpected,
Its vagueness that has surpassed the bad unfolding,
Not old as it would narrate others,
Its fresh new love we are into leaving all odds ocean behind,
The fresh morning has come up biding a mighty night a farewell,
Assuring my love of the love I am into,
I live distance no better than you do,
Anticipating the time would tie fasten us,
I am hopeful of swift love life long journey with you,

Thank god for he have given me lovely you.