Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Community of Bhutanese Bloggers Conference- 30-08-2-15

It was early 9AM for Sunday to kick start my day with prior football match played the night before when I received a call from Sonam Rinchen, one of the pioneer with Ibest. He sounded in demand of heads when he asked me to join for the conference. I replied him with lump throat of not having enough time. He hung up the phone saying “just think over.” 
I managed to get well dressed in formal and was at the venue, Namseling Boutique Hotel at 9:58AM. I greeted him Kuzuzangpo, the return greeting smile from Passang PaSsu Tshering at the entrance was welcoming. He directed me towards the top floor. 
Familiar popular faces like of National Council 
Sangay KhanduDorji WangchukUgyen LhendupZhonba Zhonba, and organizers Nawang P PhuntshoRiku Dhan SubbaRekha Monger,Tharchen TharchenSonam Rinchen and few other unfamiliar were attendees before me. 
I presented my guilty presence amongst the elite active bloggers in the conference hall. Slowly narrowed my hand shakes to those idle cornered members and spread to other few. 
The usual setting in Bhutan those who knows amongst themselves are seated together and has picked some stuffs for discussion carrying the same guilt I had. I remember Passu commenting members to spread out and get to know each other. 
The agenda of the First Bloggers Conference has a refreshment break at 1100 hours. However we were served first refreshment of tea/Coffee and snacks before the chief guest for the conference “the Projector” arrived at 1130 hours. The chief guest’s delay had given me/others mere chance to shift from familiar to unfamiliar members. 
After opening welcome notes from Ngawang Phuntsho and Passu, the Bhutanese Bloggers’ App was launched. The members were informed of initial limit of Apps to only those android phones. 
The first speaker Riku Dhan Subbha talked on Importance of Rural Roots. He pointed out the roots as a sense of identity, knowing ones ancestor & bit of history, belongingness and feeling of grounded in a community one grew up. His father’s love story was humorous. His father owned an only radio in a village then and villagers use to come at his place. Riku’s eyebrows raised as he said his mother was one of them. 
He even covered up on some social issues of youth’s addiction and gangs. It’s interesting once the champion in Thimphu, MB boys are also seen in Chuzargang, Gelephu with countable others like Cool Guys and Tamang Boys. The youth has returned home not for good. How and why no one care to ask and nobody has an answer. Last thing he talked was on his personal project “My Village, My Responsibility.” The impact was agreeable and vibrant. He started the project in February 2014 and has a plan of similar nature this winter for 5 days involving 35 youths. He is providing shoes this year and still in need on three more pairs. Interested can contact him Riku Dhan Subba. I am interested to learn something on Chaw Tara. 
Dasho Sangay Khandu started with the Constitution preamble, glue guiding through the procedures of bills, deliberation and passing as a final Act. He pointed out the difference in NC members. The eminent members has an upper hand of getting it put their way. While the elected members has voters populous eyeballing on them. He argued there is a need of leading at helm by people for prosperous democracy. The parliament presentation by Dasho was a lead for learning new at least to me. 
A South Asian University alumni economist Ugyen Lhendup presented his findings on Dynamics of poverty and inequality at the conference as third speaker. It was all stats and numbers. His Lorenz method findings exposed that there is reduction in poverty line between year 2007 and 2012. This concludes the nature of growth in Bhutan was pro-poor and inclusive. The program for poverty alleviation has worked out and was somewhat successful. Thanks to the donor countries and international organization. Of all First Five Year Plan initiation at 1953 he mentioned was a debate not resolved. Any Historian’s comment would be grateful. 
After another round of tea and snacks from Namseling Boutique HotelTshering Dolkar, an educator with Royal Thimphu College started her presentation. Unlike other previous presenter she has her slide printed out and talked on Writing: A Journey. 
The poems she shared were seamless writing from heart. She instilled that in the journey of writing one has to keep scribbling, collect those scribbles and read them time and again. 
I am not an active bloggers, I scribble at times and this may be a good sphere where I can scribble best. Being part of this beautiful first bloggers conference held in Thimphu and the Community of Bhutanese Bloggers itself was of immense joy and a learning in writing. I would encourage aspiring writers, scribblers, and bloggers to join ‪#‎CBB‬.