Monday, December 21, 2015

A little dedication to my brother and his Kunzang Shedrup Choling Retreat Centre project.

The hard work he has put in for couple of years was of enormous, he single handedly raised funds, organized and finally half the target of Kunzang Shedrup Choling Retreat Centre at Tsheldang under Zhemgang Dzongkhag has come up with retreat program installed. 
The idea of this retreat came into light when he was closely working with Cheni Lhendup Rinpoche for the development of Orgyen Choling Monastery. People of Tsheldang and Nakhar gathers annually at Orgyen Choling monastery to celebrate their yearlong bounty harvest and to appease their deity for another year long. The monastery conducts annual five days drupchen with unfurling of guru Thongdrel on the last day.
Unfortunate Rinpoche passed away few years before his wish of retreat Centre near vicinity been erected few months ago. 
Well "he" here is Rigzin Wangchuk, the very architect of the Centre. He was born in the mountain and has his name "Rela" (Mountain Boy) formally though he introduces himself to others as Rigzin Wangchuk. The latter one is official but not formal. He last attended Simtokha school in Bhutan before he has master degree in Buddhist philosophy from Schechen Monastery in Nepal and basic English communication from Santa Rosa college in US. Today he looks after Lakar Choling Goenpa (monastery which needs another major renovation after the earthquake disrupted structures) in Paro and Tsanglajong Goenpa (Permanent resident lama installed this month) under Trong Gewog, Zhemgang beside the main retreat project. 
The founder Rigzin Wangchuk's side lined project includes supplying monthly ration to those not abled old citizenry of Tsheldang and Nakhar villages. 
Rela's (awkward name) aim & intention of making retreat accessible to nearby was acknowledged by His Eminence Gangteng Trulku. He also has in plan making short retreat courses available for any devotes, foreign or local in near future once his main Temple gets its desired shape. 
Now the legally few acres land donated by Khenpo's family stands serene on ridge above Tsheldang village giving another strategic view of few opposite villages. 
The skeletal structure of main building has cropped up and many internal design to be added as it progresses. 
Once completed the temple will house three main seven foot statues of Guru Rinpoche, Buddha and Pema Lingpa. Whole Pedling traditions and Dilgo Mind Treasure among others will be seen as wall murals. 
Today besides main temple, bus like a structure six retreat rooms, one spacious common kitchen and separate comfortable resident retreat master's living houses are also being built. 
HE Gangteng Truku was kind enough to give all by himself the empowerment, direction and initiation required for all the practitioners at Gangteng during the months of August this year. 
The retreat was initiated and empowered at the site by HE Gangteng Trulku's representative, one of the finest retreat master under the guidance of HE Gangteng Trulku on 2nd November 2015 coinciding with the descending day of Lord Buddha. Villagers and few guests joined throughout the procession and their three years, three months and three days formal retreat session begins.
Life wasn't easy for him and now after having installed retreat program Khenpo Rigzin moves away from an emotional spiritual scene to celebrity scene where a resident lama cum teacher for Tsanglajong Goenpa will be appointed. A little local Celebration should definitely ease him until another retreat practitioner joins in Paro formally towards beginning of New Year. 
I am writing this if it could be a little success story and History for those generations that will come and pass unto next. My main intent is to show the world the appreciation I a little brittle younger brother and other family has on my brother Rigzin Wangchuk for the life he leads that has given us the pride and honor. He deserves a better world now and life next. Our little support that doesn't even cover a bit will continue. 
My father Tshewang is on his seventies. He resigned from manual farming work and do not complain a single rather walks with a dream and smile on his face every morning to the site and does everything he could like fellow others for free. Another man behind the scene. 
Brother Inlaw Sonam Leki choose to resign from comfortable government job and committed to burden all odds for the good of the project. Having him to look after has paced everything and our long abandoned home now a homely. 
Not to forget, people of Tsheldang and Nakhar were our backbone. Their labor though not free was of greater pillars where we stood with confidence. 
My small contribution and participation along the journey know that some support has flown from supporters from Singapore and Malaysia. And the project still needs your helping hands. So I on behalf of Khenpo Rigzin Wangchuk would like to send appreciation and gratitude. 
The project is half way through and still in need of timely support. 
Timber permit royalty was only support government has given the project. The benefit off course to the community has up-scaled and still continues to be and undeniably in future too. 
Sounds unhealthy but this true I am requesting everyone, government, private or any individual I know for support my brother in cash or kind. 
Your support in any form will surely bring some positive impacts and in turn share all the merits and virtues together.
Khenpo Rigzin Wangchuk
Late Cheni Lhendup Rinpoche