Wednesday, January 6, 2016

2015: A Year in Review

Yes, it’s end of the year again welcoming another next.  Myriad of eventful, good and bad has just passed. Some fared well and few pest cornered me. The road not taken were many, choosing road less travelled would have made a significant difference. Robert T Kiyosaki’s theory of treating oneself first and then the rest was all the intent I carried for a yearlong not distancing with surroundings. Choosing sun and moon wasn’t a difficult when they were equally beautiful. Year 2015 was fairly a lot better than the previous.
“An end wasn't so good & Hoping for a new eventful 2015. Happy new year everyone. Goodnight” is the last update I have seen for 2014. Sister’s departure from the world a week before New Year was all enough to keep me engaged through January.
February greeted and welcomed me with a gathering of old class mates from Yangchenphu Higher Secondary School for a dinner. Lemon grass restaurant in heart of the Thimphu town offers authentic Thai food. We picked up Lemon Grass restaurant for their thoughtfulness to let us carry drinks of our choice from outside. Valentine was a date and play on skype with my girlfriend away. A week long stroll in Delhi gave me a feeling that the people working in Bhutan Embassy was not doing justice. I found that they follow two calendars, one that of Indian and other our Bhutanese one. Anyone planning a trip to Delhi that requires embassy’s involvement needs to check both Bhutan and India’s Calendar schedule.
My birthday falls on third month of the year. Celebration was in hibernation for some good reasons. On 17th March Bhutan come up victories slamming Sri Lanka out of the World Cup campaign. Bhutan high jacked world football news then though the dragon boys has not yet proven the caliber one could imagined of top team with all the matches played so far losing.
I wasn’t fooled on April, perhaps I was in full energy away from home travelling. I made my travel that would qualify for the gist of travelling. My girlfriend in Malaysia was a master of all the travel plans and itineraries. Credits to her. Snorkeling and sea adventures at Tiomand Island was a top class treat, Casinos and games at Genteng Resort World was fun and exciting, luxury hotels and our food during our holidays were extraordinary, a walk across famous Jonkar Street at Malacca was a walk to remember, and those bus rides were smoother. April to mid-June was quite a holiday in Malaysia and Singapore. Returning back on 16th June, I watched China Football team visit Bhutan and battered home team. Friend’s farewell dinner marked an ends to the June.
When one end rose up the other ensures to fall to keep in balance. I was given a full responsibility to take sister for the treatment to Vellore, Christian Medical College & Hospital. There I made myself so comfortable that I even taped fingers to the tune of prayers sung by the sisters, brothers, patients and escorts at CMC Hospital ward. Amen was only word I could get in from the daily Jesus calls and praises. I prayed for him too in return of no discrimination from my inner Buddhist instinct conscience. Ala Hu Akbar is also one of the daily visiting tunes. One best thing was, while to many ordeals and debates on book related taxes at home grew high I managed to purchase few good books on sale. July at Vellore, India.
August was through with social works and gatherings. I posted a photo with the theme “HAPPINESS IS REAL WHENE SHARED.” The story of the photo goes “we met and had our moments together several times. He use to walk past by my place, but not anymore. He doesn't speaks but understand our intent language. Missed his sight these days around Olakha. He carries two walking sticks to balance himself while walking and keep away the dogs. He has another possession bag pack which he stores anything he was offered for his mobile living life. Towards evening after all his days wandering he settle for a bottle of beer not free. He clear his bills. One thing not certain where he spends his cold night here in Thimphu. I took this picture after our meals at my place. He was fine with cam. I saw the hidden gratitude he wished to convey in words.”
The best thing happened on August was august, collection of old usable clothes from friends and family and reaching an organizer (Richen Tshering & his Students) in Monger for redistribution to less privileged. I am taking this further and would appreciate anyone who could lend a helping hands.
Next was a luncheon with Radio Man. On our causal conversation he shared one personal story I did not hear before. He said he was chosen from his village to undergo the Army training during the time of Chabdha. Back then Army was considered one of the most decorated job one would get with no education. He was not ashamed of sharing his incompetence while in Army with little regret of not having given up his full. He told me he was one hell of stupid boy at his young age. Today the limp hobbling legs he is with was because of the kick he got from trainer on his left thigh. He blames on his stupidity and the blatant act of that trainer he no more remembers. Our Radio man was an Army for a month. August ended participating in first Community of Bhutanese Bloggers conference held at Namseyling Boutique in Thimphu.
I was playing with House United FC in this year’s nationwide open. Our team were runners up for last two consecutive years in Thimphu Open. Unfortunately we lost from the group stage in this campaign. Lightening Olakha Street was one of the luminary from Thimphu Thromdue to residents. Blessed rainy day was an undeniable feast in September with starting of harvest season to village folks.  
I work in tourism sector, what counts is the Dollar inflow and the numbers. This year to my surprise three groups of commendable numbers resigned from the agreed visits to Bhutan. Consequently a lost to my earnings and dollars inflow. A bigger October punch on my hallowing face. A similar fate was also faced by Bhutan Football federation when they lost home game to Maldives, following day sacked Japanese coach Norio Tsukitate and another lost to Hong Kong in a week time. October being a favorable month for the visitors, I saw Indian travel agents across border town smiles more than the Bhutanese over Indian travelers. Indians travelers in no way bring any business to Bhutanese counterpart. I am still optimistic of our system pouring in some changes.
November until 17th December it was different time same story at Vellore, CMC hospital again.
I bid farewell to the year gone and sends my gratitude to all the people who has inspired me and has helped in a way along. As cold December welcomes freezing January I wish everyone Happy New Year. Make someone smile.