Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Startup Weekend- Bhutan

Today to my astonishment the very idea I had few years back just begged first prize during the first Startup Weekend held in Bhutan organized by QED. This very idea was born and implanted even before I started getting serious into travel business. Discussion of the Local Tour Idea with few friends before begged certain comments and commendable debates among ourselves. That was it and I ran errand uncertain travel job for the love of travelling and food.

My association under travel umbrella just begun towards the end of 2013 after having worked with Madam Lily Wangchuk for couple of months. Quitting the Job, I started small travel business (which is still on) with the plan of doing local tour and pilgrims initially.

Someone stole your idea
This evening one of my friend who I discussed this idea before sent me a messages saying that my idea was stolen. It’s not, rather he acted upon and took further and made evident.  Congratulations to the Travelers and Pilgrims think tank and other four who got the equal highlights. Looking forward to greater services or else the competition. LoL

The Startup Weekend has laid off in Bhutan and the constant programs from concern agents would bring in many young Think tanks, better ideas and greater solution to unasked demands.    

I am not claiming but for sure I want to convey my messages to many others who might be with the ideas but drawing behind with lack of supports and fund to turn the tables. Leave a rat race and go an extra mile to reach market savvy. Work to learn, don’t work for money, this is hard take it a challenge and one last be financially literate.