Monday, January 25, 2016

The Mayor- Local Government

How I wish I could vote to elect Thrompon (Mayor) and be part of the city. Today four towns in Bhutan will cast their votes for their respective Thrompons.
Only those census registered under respective towns will have sheer share of unwitting chance to cast their votes where majority of dwellers cannot.
Today I am presuming lone candidate former Thrompon Kinley Dorji will come victorious in Thimphu and pace up his one of the campaign pledges, solving water crisis.
As a city dweller myself, one thing I would love him to seed in town is to introduce plant culture (Horticulture). Where a noticeable department formed, rigorous studies made and perennial trees & flowers crop up.
I heard of the park reservation in Olakha, near shop 7, which has been fenced to no use for long time. I have seen, students and few elder residents dust their legs with football game before within that now confined little muddy ground. Which today stands similar to old taxi parking, a better place used less.
Street light in Olakha was a highlight to former Thrompon though. Gratitude.  
Likewise Phuntsholing, Samdrupjongkhar and Gelephu will have their new Thrompon elect from tomorrow. 
Good wishes.