Thursday, March 30, 2017


Recent Bhutan Football team conceding another countless counting fourteen goals from Oman in the ongoing AFC qualifying games at Oman marks another history and reflects some erroneous into Bhutanese football. On Similar stand Bhutan lost to Kuwait at Kuwait 20-0 in 2000 AFC Cup qualification. 

Bhutan looks to be underdog commented one of the Oman’s media personal in pre-match conference. The man in charge replied he doesn’t really know where Bhutan’s level with Oman stands. It’s a lame stand to hear him express “We are just at the beginning, we want to give great fight tomorrow and also show some good football.”

Bhutan football is not at an infant stage, started in 1960s the first National Football governing body known as Bhutan Football Association (BFA) was succeeded by the Bhutan Football Federation (BFF) in 1983. The close competitive match being played in 2008 against India losing by 2 to 1 in Maldives in SAFF championship 2008, sacking Japanese coach in the middle of the international match, extraordinary Supe and Namgay Zam’s effort in supporting home games, and later beating Sri Lanka to rung up in the standing speaks volume and the expectations follows. 

Former National player Pema Rinchen commented on my request on his analysis to the Football in Bhutan. He said “I don't have much because players were giving their best. No one goes there to lose the match. I personally when I was playing, we went for win no matter who the opponents were. So what we lack is taking football as professional, and making professionalism in management & players.
If I see someone saying something bad about players I would personally fuck their zero knowledge face.” 

As luxurious as the Dragon boys are in the heart of football lovers in Bhutan, footballing in Bhutan lacks to treat the eyes of loyalties at many levels. Certain level of professionalism questionable and failing. High time the leading footballing body provide sense of pride, security & the financial aid and equally place responsibilities on each players to book their place in national team and please their subject the Bhutanese fan.

From the football loving perspective, disheartened that there were no effort to please subjects either from BFF nor government just paying Bhutan Telecom/BBS to live telecast the Oman Bhutan match. Moreover website looks dead so does the Bhutan Olympic committee web-page in terms of information dissemination. 

Not so confident on the players Sangay Tempa commented on one of the dead posts from Bhutan football pageIt is just a bunch of school boys chasing the ball and kicking it when it falls on their feet. But again, it just shows where we are at in the footballing world.” 

“It's high time to recruit new players. There are lots all we need is to go across the country to pick them coz they are underprivileged. Always losing” Karma Drupchu pinned his opinion from yesterday’s match Bhutan Football Team played against Oman.

I remember friend of mine football lover but Table Tennis enthusiast arguing investing in individual games would gather more pride to Bhutan than those games that requires huge investment in international arena.  

Conversely few Bhutanese compared Bhutan team, Chencho Gyeltshen and the likes to Iceland’s surprise rise in the footballing.

These are few collected lines and stats keeping offshore the positive accomplishment BFF achieved thus far.

Oman ranks 122nd in the FIFA world football ranking while Bhutan stands at 177th.  

Bhutan National Team. Pic: Bhutan National Football Team Facebook Page.

Sunday, October 23, 2016


The awkward little disorganized reception at airport, TSN restaurant in Paro town welcomed us for the lunch. The pure vegetarian meals free of garlic, onion, spring onion and leek should be something different for the change. Paro Rinpung Dzong was the first to be introduced to the group, built by Zhadrung, the official name Rinchen Pung Dzong means the fortress on a heap of Jewels. Besides holing a place for defending the Paro valley in earlier times, to this days it houses both monastic body and district government offices.  54KMs Paro- Thimphu only impeccable highway ride in Bhutan gave them a sound sleep from long sleepless journey they would have had from Singapore to Paro. The siren free Thimphu welcome gate at Babesa did not care to wake up few and some of them started their shutter, aperture business. The welcome tea at Tara Phendeyling hotel sparked the silent we were on and checked decked the luggage. The Edelweiss restaurant in town served us the dinner for the day. The frosty BBS tower was not welcoming to the group from plains but was a treat for few camera holders.

Buddha Dordenma, the huge 69 feet tall statue overlooking the Thimphu valley sprinted the program for the day. The three storey throne holds numerous altars while 125000 smaller statues of Buddha are filled inside the giant Buddha’s body.
Built in 1974 as a memory to the “King of modern Bhutan”, the third king Jigme Dorji Wangchuk, the memorial stupa holds seat of Vajrakilaya Mandala. Centrally located the shrine invites old, young, lovers and not to forget, the tourists. The group were more expedient with future Buddha, the Maitreya Buddha.  
According to Buddhist tradition, Maitreya is a bodhisattva who will appear on Earth in the future, achieve complete enlightenment, and teach the pure dharma. According to scriptures, Maitreya will be a successor to the present Buddha, Gautama Buddha.
The next before lunch was the 12th century fortress like temple, Changgangkha Lhakhang. Initiated and built by Lama Phajo Drukgom Zhigpo, the temple has root traditions that parents come to get their propitious names and seek protection from the local deity Tamdrin. The Orchid restaurant served us similar meals we had other day. The different was a fried eggs.  Bhutan post and ambiance inside was not surprising and enthralling to the group. I presumed it was because of the limited variation products it has except for posting own photo which was again of not respectable quality at Ngultrum 300. Introduced Bhutan handicrafts and National dress at Royal Textile Academy. Zhabdrung’s museum has embarked on them the history that has unrolled over the time. Few women weaving live has delighted their mood and camera shutter. The evening was at one of the local host my sister place, as per the plan we had the ball rolling and the event was something good to start and somewhat different any tourist would get to experience. The host Azhim Lhamo and family has the ambiance created well, gathered family and friends. We had received blessings from the group in their tradition, the Heavenly Tao. Praying and blessings from Maitreya Buddha.  It’s a secret scared and I am not sharing the whole process. “Dinner better than we get in restaurant” many uttered as we resign for the day. Thanked the generous host.

Checked out at 8:30AM from hotel Tara. Ascending gentle uphill crossing the checkpoint at Hontsho, the group stopped at Dochula (3140M). The guide commented, the magnificent Druk Wangyal Chorten at Dochula was built (2005) to honor the fourth king and to those who lost their lives during the flushing out, the militants in southern Bhutan. Descending down through pine and lusty green, driver padding the brake at certain bumpy road, enjoying the Chinese songs from our guide Dawa Choden and the guests was out of the box. Punakha Dzong was the last before lunch. The Punthang Dechen Phodrang (Palace of great Happiness) stands majestic at the confluence of Phochu and Mochu. The male and female rivers. Commentary done and history narrated Lunch was at Damchen Resort at Khuruthang town, initially not in plan. The bad meals we had in the tour. Sorry for my clients. The driver and guide’s meals were even nastier. The next before dawn was hiking Khamsum Yulley Namgyal Chorten, 7KM away from Punakha Dzong. The 30M tall stupa was consecrated at 1999 and informed them it is dedicated to the fifth, the present king and to the prosperity of the people in Bhutan. Walking through green-yellow paddy field, taking picture, sweating we perched ourselves at the top of the Chorten for group photos. Returning was not that hard, we made on time and seen many Indians gowned in swim suite for rafting. Dinner was at Hotel Lobeysa, and the hotel was at Zhingkham Resort. This was a stupidity of me. The night view of the Puankha Valley and the Dzong in essence from the resort was treat to the obdurate dinner time.

Started moving from resort at 8AM, greeted school going children and got to halt at Punakha Central School. The last Eh AW Sang with Punkha Dzoong as backdrop bid farewell to the valley. The tea break at Dochula was romantic for some and freshening to others. Group were introduced to the Druk Wangyel Lhakang. The fusion modern and traditional setup at the temple has murals of the king and king battling at jungle among others. Lunch was again in Thimphu town at The Cousin’s restaurant. The same menu I would say. Then out of blue, visited 200 surprise shop located at Jattu Building. They sell wide selection of Japanese and IKEA products ranging from stationeries to accessories to toys to decors to bags to cosmetics to gardening tools to utensils to skincare, kitchenware and glassware.  
The same program we had in my sister place was replicated again at my place with different set of audiences. The Heavenly Tao blessings. Ema Goh explains the affinity, virtues and the good merits we had has brought us all together and thanked those present. The program was well marked and ended with no dinner to everyone.

I just realized that I did not have dinner when my tummy crawl for the food. Started early I went to the Ibest institute, have the program initiated. ESV and my guests would like to thank two bosses and the employees of the company for hosting us, making the event successful and in all blessing Heavenly Tao. Cross Road restaurant was a pleasant place for the lunch.  We checked into Wang Sisina Nunnery and spent some time witnessing the prayer chanting from nuns. Impressed guests donated few amount and headed to Paro. Souvenir shopping and dinner again at TSN restaurant. Raven’s nest resort was cocoon for the night.

7:30AM started our day from resort and begun hiking the Paro Taksang, the Tiger’s Nest, one of the UNESCO world heritage. Slow pace, gentle and grouped together we made on time and inside took more than the planned schedule for the luxury time we had with us. Returning back, half way we had our lunch at Taksang Cafeteria. Another few hours gentle roll down cramped for little shopping at the base camp. Checked into hotel to find out there was no light and hot water to be supplied from outside on buckets. “The first ever experience in my entire travel experience” pronounced one of the member. The only in-house dinner planned for the group for good reason.

The 7th day. Started with my local scarf gifts to all the guests and Ampao (tips) from group to us, two drivers, two guides and myself. The engine sparked and ignited to move on, half way through I gave a small farewell speech and then continued with few songs from our female guide. A silent battered for a while and trollies set to bid adieu. A final handshake and last eye contact until next time when it’s a good time.          

Monday, July 4, 2016

Draphu Choling Gonpa-Lama Ngawang Chogyal

It’s against all odd that I am sharing my weekend’s time here again. It’s not about travel or game or not even about the recent book I am reading. Well let me take you through through my lens to another paradise, Lama Ngawang Chogyal’s resident at Bap Depsi, Thimphu. It has Draphu Choling Goenpa as its formal name though it is popularly known as Lam Ngawang Chogyal’s resident to the Bhutanese.

It was half the decade years ago I first visited Lama Ngawang Chogyal’s reincarnate, present Rinpoche and the Nye. Then throughout in my absence of the presence I only heard stories of Rinpoche’s articulating divinations of individual. Helping heel devotees. Today I have seen many structural and sight deviations, the sore sight of the Gonpa advanced. Then and now a complete transformation.

The place has peace road access, structure renewed, individual Nye has printed name attached to the rock for easy differentiating, paved ground, cemented footsteps and the worst barren surrounding ruined by the recent forest fire.

Well the 15th century Lama Nagwang Chogyal and his brother the divine madman Drukpa Kunley were said to have mediated and sanctified the Nye. It is even believed that Lama Drukpa Kunley met Khandro Barpi Chozom here. To commemorate the historical saints, Rinpoche incarnate has installed Guru Statue in the Centre, Chenrigzee to the left and Drukpa Kunley, and Jitsun Milarepa respectively to the right. One of the Rinpcohe’s attendants Yonten Gyeltshen said Zhabdrung will soon be installed to the extreme right in second story of the main temple.

Third level takes the seat of Buddha curved from solid wood, to this Lopen Gyeltshen explained that the Buddha was sculpted by Bhutanese artisan to be transferred to Nepal. However, because of some failing to meet the airlines freight procedures, the statue could not be transported to Nepal and the patron donated to the Gonpa.

The odd introduction starts now, I was headed to town with my niece for the hunt to replace her damaged phone. On our way, we were given lift by a taxi driver who is also from our village. As we started from Olakha to town I heard him talk over the phone time and again conversing over the sand. The conversation was on loudspeaker, speedometer at 50Km/h escaping regular traffic police along the road. The free ride he offered was not free, I was introduced to the talk. The conversation was simple, he was looking for more head count to share the price for buying a truck trip of sand to deliver at Rinpoche’s place. We informed our other village folks about this and our proposal agreed. The price for one full truck trip sand had cost a soaring price of Nu: 18000 but the price paid. The sand were in need urgently. As a way to show respect we said okay about the price though we wanted to complain to the concern authority of the malpractice the truckers fix.

Bill cleared, sand delivered. The truck driver to his own rescue promised to deliver another free truckload of sand soon. The small contribution took me to the Rinpoche and the Nye. “Janga mange, Meser ga gela”-Rinpoche has this on his lips. 

If you wish to support deliver another truck load of sand or few sacks of cement please contact Lama’s attendant Yonten Gyeltshen at 17912684

Saturday, June 18, 2016

What I am doing?

Book: On recommendation from a good funny friend of friends and another smart friend of friends gifted the very book. I am reading Murakami “Kafka on the shore” quarter way through - Kafka at 15 runs away from home, from his unconcern dad in search of no predefined destiny or somewhere very far away where he could be himself. In his surreal mobile voyage he comes across a library where he spends quite a while readying old golden rare collections on unreal identity. The curiosity and intricacies of the story is building up, more fun of literary phrases and sponge of attention mounting. No doubt DAILY MAIL has “Wonderful... Magical and outlandish” and the TIME “Hypnotic, Spell binding”

Work: Tourism in Bhutan is off course one economy entity that contributes to the economy of Bhutan significantly. Next to hydro power if my general assumption is not wrong. So much has discussed and so little has in real ground. Bhutan has “High Value, Low Impact” as tourism policy claiming to serve the purpose of exclusivity and high yield for Bhutan. Which in the view of current situation do not shield the vibrant image Bhutan has as in policy. Undercutting practice been inescapable prevalent, regional tourists despondently increasing in their arrivals but not the business to Bhutanese. Smaller travel agents like that of my caliber would inject more good possibly if recommendations directed by National Council approved. I run a small not negligible company Elite Scenic Voyage.

Social work: Recently I started setting up a societal Business service called Funeral Service Thimphu. Mass populace has a misconception of the funeral service Thimphu providing from A to Z services which isn’t true. Well our intent was and will be providing all those pre and post necessary needs for time efficiency to city dwellers. For now we provide adorned pyres, Pyre Boxes, and ash bags. Transferring services coming sooner to your convenience and affordability.  We are in startup stand and funding of any amount would be noble from organization.

Basketball: I am supporting Golden State Warriors and the final series of NBA has been tantamount TV treat as that of few national event broadcast. I group myself with friends from college and high. We call ourselves Team Lizards not official, at times we have defeated team Wizards, the 2016 Champion of Thimphu in series. Fortunately one of the team Wizard’s best player Rinchen Dorji plays from our side. This giant man has influence many of us to the standard that we ends up debating on rules inside and out the court. The level of play definitely charged.

Football: Manu and Rooney has been the figure I figured thus far. After artificial turf being laid in Changlimithang National Staduim, football in Thimphu has entered new page. International game were played and local club matches picking the tune and standard. For me on the artificial turf, started with House team, a team again formed amongst good friends from college and high school. We have good record with team “The House”, won Thimphu Open First Runners-up twice. Ground booking wasn’t a big problem before, we have had a friend working for BOC who now cares no more. Our often play has become rare and lethargic. This year’s Thimphu open organized by Transport United team, I am playing with Charo FC.  

To the lazy Saturday, I managed to write few things that could connects to good friends.  
Happy Weekends.

Monday, May 23, 2016

Khamsum Yully Namgyal Choeten- Wesak Day: 21 May 2016

The first time I heard of Wesak Day was then in Malaysia in 2014. I have witnessed the Wesak celebration parade in Klunag, Johor State last year. It was something respectable and enlightening to have witnessed in the Islamic dominant state. Something fresh and indomitable.The carnival brings all Buddhist association together annually showcasing various Lord Buddha related form to the crowd gathering with other feast.

Wesak Day is one of the most important festivals in Buddhist Calendar as it commemorates three significant events in Gautama Buddha’s life- Birth anniversary, enlightenment and his passing away.

Equally Bhutanese observes Lord Buddha’s Parinirvana (Duechen Nga Dzom) day to this day. It was on this day that Buddha was conceived, Born, Subdued evil, achieved Parinirvana or complete Nirvana and got enlightened upon the death of his physical form. It is considered the most auspicious day to all the Buddhist in the universe.
What Buddhist mass does in this day? First thing that rings through peoples’ awareness is to run vegetarian for a day. Visiting temples, lighting butter lamps, sponsoring meals to those monasteries that perform special prayers and rituals, and hoisting prayer flags are common but considered unusually holly in this day.

Of the lane to sanctify inner and physical worldliness I have become vegetarian for a day and visited Khamsum Yulley Namgyal Choeten at Punkaha, Lit butter lamp, offered prayers and framed ourselves to the serene sight.

At Yambesa village seven Kilometers north to Punakha, Khamsum Yulley Namgayl Choeten stands majestically on the hill top, other side of the river bank along Gasa road. It is also known as Nyzergang Lhakhang. The 30 Meters tall Choeten was consecrated in 1999 and dedicated to His Majesty the fifth King, Jigme Khesar Namgyel Wangchuk.

Within the Choeten the first story has Phurbha Latshog (Kilaya Mandala) followed by Khamsum Yulley Namgyal Latshog. Gongdue takes third floor, and the Buddha statue stands atop at level four overlooking Kabesa Village.

The 45 minutes uphill hike from the suspension bridge to the Choeten would take one through lusty green chili (Capsicum) and beans plantation field. One could see few Chilies crop up against the law of Gravity which has questioned me seriously and would appreciate anyone clearing my doubt. Countable thingye (wild Pepper) trees along the foot path were not ripened enough for the harvest but the aroma baked in my nostril that day.
The bridge is spot where one could see river rafting and kayaking gears ready for an adventure along the Mochu. Ironically, I have seen many idle rafting team (Young men) laid their heavy butts to the black topped road stretching their head to every car stopped by, possibly for potential clients. Why not those team cater to the Bhutanese clients with subsidized/at marginally low cost. I am going to try for myself once very soon.

The Choeten has really fine maintained footpath within the premises. The rock slabs arranged pleasantly and steps height set pleasingly for all devotees, young and old. However not sure, the reason they do not have paved foot path from the starting point (Suspension Bridge until the Choeten's entry gate).

Wesak Day/Duechen Nga Dzom marked, Our prayers and Tshog offered, butter lamp lighted, calories ignited and pictures shot. The weekends outline were perfected with merits gained and shared. 

River Rafting Boat
Suspension Bridge: Starting of the Hike  

Chili against the Law of Gravity 

Cascading River : Mochu 

The Majestic Khamsum Yulley Namgyal Choeten 

Monday, March 21, 2016

Equinox Boy- My Birthday

Yesterday 20th March international Happiness day and today 21st March marks another year, year that would change my status another year. Twenty fifteen and my twenty eight was fairly well balanced. A good family moments were there, friends were cheering, money was kind enough to run through a year, commendable shopping, discernible donation, creditable contribution, read & scribbled, slept less & exercises mounted, noticeable merriment, gulped liquor and many more.

Hmmmm, I just realized truncated travel moments I had than the previous year.  I am not so religious nor follow atheist suit but no kidding I ran a kindness store for a year. That was one hell of merry making and connection was awesome. Anyway 28 was kind on me and hopeful 29 will be even better.

Friends, good friends, families and others I made a year along are already pouring in their good wishes, messages, calls, Facebook messages, and picture messages. Thank you everyone, though we were on same ship ferrying to build our own empire, the cruise was definitely smooth, cheering and laudable. Hopeful this year I could get to board on different ship get along with different people, different society, and different different and different.          
I am carrying the same intuition of the birthday celebrations well suiting the teenagers and kids, though the celebration level would surely change in caliber with time. I am not hypocrite and not even trying to be one, seriously I was not well connected with birthday’s celebration of mine, maybe because I wasn’t well acquainted to the traditions in my early years or I love not to treat my friends at different level on birthdays. Haha, this line is framed.
 I never treated friends or families on my birthdays thus far and thinking to keep the trend. This looks odd, I got picked and sneaked myself out on others birthdays’ celebration.
Oh I want to try one different naughty on my birthday. I have a one sweet girlfriend and I am sure she would not hate me for this, I am going for a date with a girl whose birthday falls today, 21st March. 

I am March equinox boy, my mom and dad might have sweat for 12 hours night and enjoyed 12 hours bright sun light to have me as their son. 
Good day everyone and happy birthday to all others celebrating birthdays today. Thank you for reading.