Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Women’s Participation in Politics: Important

Bhutan a Nation not more than 0.7 Million Population Strength has its own unique blend of Social Standings and stigmas when it comes into Women. No significant historical story narrates the zeal and upholding of Women’s leadership in any place of duty. The response for feminine advancement was in any field not that certainty essential in long-ago prior to their lesser involvement rather than being a home maker.
However, with changing time and responsive need by the world, call for women participation dwells undeniable. Around half of Bhutan’s Population is women. Ignoring women voice certainly gives rise to the flaws that will haunt every Bhutanese and country in general. Bhutan will add up to its prosperity and success story if women are given their share and made secured giving them to voice the feminine.    
According to 2010 Nation Wide Gross National Happiness survey finds out that women are unhappy than men. Why? Who cares? But women certainly know that they are only solution to that. Their challenges, their drive, their problem best understand by themselves alone not by the counterpart.   
“Women Problem’s can understand by women only” a statement by Lily Wangchhuk in her first Presidential public forum held in Royal Thimphu College recently was a well-built argument that shows the importance of Women participation in Political Sphere. This spell out the maturity of Bhutanese women now, they are ready and well equipped to fight the fights that have been fought by men so far.  
Over the decades, women have justified their existence in the work field and social standings. They have proved, what man has done women can do. For instance, in today’s political scenario, two women leading new political parties is a momentum that every feminine has to be proud of and be proactive to shoulder and transformed themselves to better women politicians.
Common policy usually fails because the challenges and needs of men and women are completely different. Absence of women’s voice in decision making nullifies the government effort since the policy, plans and programs male dominant formulate is not responsive to women’s needs. It’s very much radiant that few political Parties has women quota in the politics if elected.
Without a single female National Council Elect in the upper house, 2013 National council Election radiated unconstructive Election Campaign history in Bhutan. Given the cascading system of male dominance in government judiciary or Law making bodies, the questions of addressing women’s need will not surmount rather a humiliating thoughts will be sky-scraping. But I am hopeful certain numbers will represent women in the lower house.

Mother best understand everyone, so women participation in politics will best serve all mankind, be it children, women or the men. Women have a far reach, if you need a change, a real life transformation, I really agree with political party having a quota for women representation. So I strongly believe participation of women in politics is paramount importance. 
Note: The very article was written along the process of Bhutan's Second parliament Elections, June 2013.