Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Ap Jochu

Another good time with App Jochu (Radioman). The conversation over a simple lunch at his favorite restaurant at JoJos building has these lil facts narrated to me at his ease of sharing which were unknown to me, you & many others and you wouldn't believe. Well first thing he told me of his good health and indebted gratitude to HRH Azhi Dorji Wangmo Wangchuk for the house he was given where he could take rest and chant few rounds of Mani every evening. He is one of the few homeless in Thimphu who has a roof over head.
Well if you are treating him meals, please take him to the restaurant where you would find pork in the menu. He prefer pork given choice over others. I told him of the softness of chicken for his toothless toil, he seemed least interested or not at all.
App Jochu from Sha Rubesa is 89 this year, and still living his life with so much of joy though not willingly from within. He has wandered and meandered so long.
I asked him of anything new with him theses days. Well the answer he has was surprising and unbelievable. He said he has lived life without woman by his side for long long time. He was happy sharing the joy he was with for last couple of months, the unexpected was awesome he laughed. The intimate touch was arousing and a feeling of his young electrifying moment visited him he exclaimed with slight guilt in his speech. He hesitantly in his loud treble Sounds whispered that he made love three times the first time he took home. It didn't end there he was going deep, speaking volume and the good times he had. Well our Radio man was deeply in love and shared his lil life with a woman he call Sharchop Zam. He loved her, she loved him and she moved with him. Both were happy with the life they were moving on with. He was contented, happy and heavenly until the doctor at JDWNRH told him of his new wife's health issues. She was seen not so well with her internal organ. The happiness he was rocking was short lived as she inhaled her last breathe six months later. He understands the mere transition of human lives and seems prepared. He told me he cried for her to go heaven with a gentle wish of meeting her again.
The radio he was carrying wasn't the old one. He has somewhat new but still worn and need a replacement any time soon.
He was chosen from his village to undergo the training for Army during the time of Chabdha. Back then Army was considered one of the most decorated job you would get with no education. He was not ashamed of sharing his incompetence while in Army with little regret of not having given up his full. He told me he was one hell of stupid boy at his young age. Today the limp hobbling legs he is with was because of the kick he got from trainer on his left thigh. He blames on his stupidity and the blatant act of that trainer he no more remembers. Our Radio man was an Army for a month.