Monday, September 21, 2015

Blessed Rainy Day-2015

A festive season has kick started, favorable weather is pacing up and famers’ harvest approaching. Peak season for tourism is on roll in Bhutan and a jackpot September to the people in Thimphu just begun last Friday.
The week long Thimphu Dzongkhag (State) holiday was ignited with Thimphu Drupchoe on 19th, blessed rainy day tomorrow and Thimphu Tshechu the following days. Today was only day in a week office runs regular. Conversely, I have a feeling that for some of the government employees’ holiday would have started from the preceding Friday marking Monday on leave.
Tomorrow the Blessed Rainy Day marks an end of farming and the beginning of the harvest season bidding farewell to September rain. In Bhutan it is believed that on this day all natural water resources are considered to be hallowing and clean. Brother in-law talking on this natural annual event he said “bathing with fresh flowers water on this day would cleanse all the wicked deeds, clear obstacles and resolve defilements."
The very traditional believe of bathing runs obsolete and ignorant in me but not the charm of having grand feast all together with family. Anyway I am going to soak bath with lesser intuition believe I have.
Traditionally to this day family members would gather at one place and began with morning porridge and tea, treat themselves with best food and liquor throughout the day. Today pot luck and picnic are common scenes besides treat from the restaurants. Archery and Khuru (dart) are chose one games in this day. Off late women in western Bhutan has also picked up this beautiful game.
To keep the charisma of this year’s blessed rainy day and friendship of two villages I am joining my village folks from Tsheldang for a Khuru match against Buli. We have competed a year before and it was in favor of my village, Tsheldang. This year they have their vengeance with us, hopefully with good team mates technically and diplomatically. It was funny that this time my team captain informed me to memorize few traditional song dance numbers.
So to this stunning setup by our ancestors, I take pride to show the world our beautiful tradition of Blessed rainy day. Regards and prayers to everyone for a beautiful day and happy Thimphu Tshechu.