Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Christian Medical College and Hospital

I have transfered this from my facebook timeline knowing it could be of some information to some. 
My experiences and some observation so far here at Christian Medical College Hospital. We were first admitted here on 5th July 2015 and still ongoing. 
"Please provide the Bhutanese patients the immediate treatment. Don't worry of their fees, their finances taken care by government"- one of the senior doctor I assume advised his colleague doctors on round. Money still their priority, this sucks. 
I am on an escort to my sister's health review. We just planed for a week and now it's taking more than anticipated. However it's nice that i get more time to write so many thank you notes & sister her needful treatment. 
We are thankful for the royal government of Bhutan and the precedence of free health care in Bhutan. I felt the pinch over the health finances, now this is giving me a strength to remain healthy and use medical facilities we are provided free, wisely. 
In this line I would like to share some of my experiences that would help patients who will be coming to Christian Medical College for treatment. 
1. Transport: The cheaper route Phuentsholing-Siliguri (Bus, Rs. 99), Siliguri-Badogra (Taxi, Rs.400), Badogra-Chennai (Air, Rs. 6200+- per person) and then to Vellore CMC hospital by taxi (Rs.2300) 3 hours. The train ply on Gauhati- Bangalore route twice a week, on Wednesdays & Fridays. 
Note: if you want to book Indian local air, recommend Travel agents in Jaigoan. They charge you 2 time less than those in Thimphu. 
2. Admission to the Hospital: Prior to your journey inform Laison officer Namgay Dorji (H/P- +91 98-43-092907) of your travel plan. He would help arrange the taxi from Chennai airport to vellore Bhutan Laison Office. While you are here and your envelope from JDWNRH delivered and consented. New patient will be escorted by officials here for the complex admission to the hospital and those who are on review, your appointment dates are important. 
Right after you fill necessary forms from international relation office, you will be asked to pay Rs. 10000 advance fee. The bed will be provided on availability or wait until you find one vacant. 
3. Attendee or an escort: Female a preferable ones. Males are not allowed inside ward after 10pm. Recommend he/she understands both English & Hindi or English only but not Hindi alone. Not everyone here speaks Hindi, Shame on them. 
4. Government entitlement ward/rooms: The hospital here has different wards; general Ward, private Ward and Air conditioned Ward. The latter two are not entitled for Bhutanese through government fundings in any situation or seriousness of patients. Money talks and Laison officials here has some home work to do. 
5. Lodging: Bhutan Laison office is located two hundred meters from hospital gate. No bargaining with Auto drivers required. The mere presence of Laison Office at RJ Mansion Hotel provides Bhutanese the convenient lodging. It's Rs. 200 per night, no air condition by the way. They don't allow using of any electric cooking appliances (rice cooker in particular) rather they provide cooking gas for (Rs.600 +300 security deposit) and set of kitchen utensils for (Rs.10+200 security deposit) per day rental fees. 
6. Fooding: If you are renting rooms then off course one can do cooking and treat your patient and yourself your favorite. There are also canteens that would cater varieties of South Indian food within the hospital campus which are more healthier than our ema datsi. 
7. Accounts: Pay first and get their services or drugs, you will have to look forward to. I would recommend you arrange enough cash in hand or Visa cards. Another route to IC, have a Axis account and get debit card with BoB or other banks, I believe you can withdraw 50000 a month. 
Off course the treatment goes free, however, you will need to pay clear all the bills first by yourself. Reimbursement is latter only upon submission of bills to the laison office. This hurdle could be no hassle if our officials could do the talking and make arrangement of payment in whole at latter stage. 
8. Things you carry along: Most importantly carry thin sponge mattress (can't find this here) & blanket or bedsheets, a small flask (to store hot milk or water), meals tiffins, small cups, small knife, flip flop, many underwear, half pant and vest for men and bras for women. Carry books.
9. Treatment: Off Course comparison is of no values, in Bhutan being free and here hell lot of Gandhi picture notes to be cashed in for any services rendered. The attention from doctors are awesome. They come in group and take to one table for inferences and further recommendations. I saw only sisters in wards. No brothers. They keep toiling every regular interval of five to ten minutes. Few rude professionals but most of them kind. Services like CT Scan, X-ray, MRI, Echo are not instance rather follow up the appointments. Pharmacy is 24 hours so long you pay bills first. 
Thank you for your time for going through this. I wrote this outta a plenty time I had and thought this would cater some help.