Wednesday, September 2, 2015


We are not legal charity organization nor own any name. We are of two members, one a teacher with his students at Mongar Higher Secondary School, another a private employee in Thimphu and our good supportive friends all over.
We are writing this to everyone for a purpose. We want to tell you that we are organizing a project on collecting and distributing old usable clothes, footwear and other necessary pieces for school going children and to those unprivileged in remotest places.
Our priority target of collection as of now are for children in Primary and lower secondary schools. However, we would even welcome your contribution for any ages, sizes, or any kinds.
Thus for this purpose our request for everyone to kindly help us gather those clothes of yours which lie idle packed inside box, lil torn usable you do not wish to put on any more and the books you would love other person to share and read.
Collection is already underway and we have been receiving good response from friends we shared this idea.
Besides our social responsibility of human kind, the immediate reason for this very project is to share the joy and bring some education to our young children on giving and receiving. Maya Angelou has “When you learn, Teach. When you get, give” so let us shade some light to those less privileged because we only have what we give.
We have identified some schools and villages far away from modern towns for distribution. We would even appreciate if you could let us know the genuine places where we could reach out. We are hoping that our project might be of interest to you as an opportunity and our sustainable growth on redefined sphere for our work here after.
It may be that you have other ideas that you would like to discuss with us. One of the great advantages of bringing this up in social media. We would appreciate suggestions, comments or some ideas from you the great steps forward that we have already made.
Thank you for having read this and hopeful you would contact us.
Ugyen Wangda (Thimphu)
Contact: +975-17889220
Rinchen Tshering (Mongar)
Contact: +975-17613902