Tuesday, September 29, 2015

The Kingmaker

The sudden demise of third king Jigme Dorji Wangchuk has ponder unconceivable duty to then the sixteen year old teenage, the fourth king Jigme Singye Wangchuk, making him the world’s youngest king. During his reign (1972-2006) Bhutan has witnessed unprecedented development from road to telecommunication, international facelift and the democratization being the gift to the people from the throne.
“The future of the Nation lies in the hands of the people” his address to the nation on his coronation was an awestruck and later his devolvement from the power was a national debate. However, his majesty the king gifted the nation and her people a safe, secured and prosperous Bhutan. He has this addressed in December 2006 to the people “ As I hand over my responsibilities to my son, I repose my full faith and belief in the people of Bhutan, who are the true custodians of our tradition and culture, and the ultimate guardians of the security, sovereignty and the continued well-being of our Country”
 Less than a decade years ago people then led a life of why worry about the whole world, when one can lead a happy-go-lucky life. Now with the power instilled on the mind of old and new thinkers the setup is a different thing. More of the individual rights being accounted, majority the winners and the Social media a firecrackers.
The perpetuation of the current setup has sparked and seen so many changes cropped up at many levels. Your excellence rewarded and the vindictiveness tormented and pulled to pieces. Tittle-tattle on some ruthless individual or responsible officials is helping newspaper earn their revenue and social media unrest. Nonetheless many withers on the vine.      
So many private and national events has already surpassed in the name of His majesty the 4th king’s sixtieth birth anniversary. I got a feeling some flawed the others mentioning the same dedication but rather a business oriented to their stands, while other few were genuine.
Bhutan entered the Genius World Record, planting the maximum number of trees in one hour time beating previous record set by neighboring Assam, India. The Royal Textile Academy/Textile Museum hosted an exhibition, “A TRIBUTE TO HIS MAJESTY THE FOURTH DRUK GYALPO – A KING OF DESTINY.”
Similarly on the same loyalty Tourism Council of Bhutan declared this year as Visit Bhutan Year 2015 without any incentives to the tour operators. A failed initiative with decreased international tourists’ turn-up to date.
On 11th November 2015 our His Majesty Jigme Singye Wangchuck, the kingmaker turns sixty. His Majesty Jigme Singye Wangchuk is undoubtedly one of the revered and greatest leaders the world has ever seen.  An icon and a kingmaker’s development philosophy roars high at home and away at world stage, his legacy a champion package.
11th November 2015 is forty two days away from today. This day will see the culmination of the yearlong celebrations that Bhutan will be observing to celebrate the 60th birth anniversary of His Majesty. To mark this occasion I heard a rumors of another week long bonanza holidays in the month of November for all. In the capital, I have a feeling that the Norzin Lam again will be jam packed with stalls of usual not so well grandeurs display.
In life that for every son, deep within, his father is a role model. His Majesty the fourth King has his shoulder soldiered to the sons. Now it’s the son’s duty to take further, nourish and be thankful for what we were given. My sincere and deepest respect to our kings. May his Majesty’s sixtieth be exemplary, his health profound and the legacy the history.