Monday, December 21, 2015

Christian Medical College & Hospital, Vellore

Dr. Ida Sophia Scudder Memorial monument
The then dispensaries to today's technologically complex CMC hospital glory came into today's stature after the founder Dr. Ida Sophia Scudder from US initiated way back in 1900, older than Bhutan's monarchy as a small dispensing Clinic at Vellore. Dr. Ida S Scudder is a daughter to then the American missionary in India. She was born in 1870 & lived in India with her parents until 1878 when she returned to US. 1890 she returned back to India to attend her ailing mother. 
One evening, an Indian man came to their home requesting medical help for his wife who was in labor. But the man rejected Dr. John Scudder, the father of Dr. Ida Scudder's offer to help, you know the indecent Indian social customs when it comes to situation of this kind. The man just barred himself of the Dr. Ida's dad helping out with his wife labor. Two more men came with similar requests, seeking medical help for their wives in labor, but again turning down offer. The three women died in labor that night. 
So then it was from that point of time Dr. Ida had expressed a resolve not to follow her parent’s line of missionaries work. With so much of heart ache and repent of not being able to help three women in child birth who died needlessly in one night has raised her inner strength and drive to bring some change. 
After five years she again set back to US, enrolled in medical college and subsequently returned India in 1899 with her medical degree and a fiery passion to change things. She first started with dispensary in 1900, training program to nurses and expanding to nursing school following years. Going by their information today Christian Medical College & Hospital offers various PG courses, Ph.D. and other training programs enrolling more than 2000 plus every year. One of the finest in the country and renowned worldwide. 

Christain Medical College & Hospital
Believe it or not it was started with US$ 10,000 fund like that of Infosys Company in Mysore. 
Thousands commuters here pray to Dr. Ida Sophia Scudder, the lady who has brought home a lady to raise ladies. To more of men oriental Indian society women here are given an equal or even bigger sphere. Night ayeer (compulsory lady patient escort) jobs to women and a lift operators to disabled men are beauty precedence they have here. To my observation the hundreds of securities within the premises differ in their work, those illiterate placed outdoor are merely a guard while some having fluent written and speaking skills are given cozy place inside, safe from sun, rain and blazing heat. They does half the secretary's work. Educating for education is education.
Besides locals, CMC give medical services to Bangladeshis, Nepalese including lucky Bhutanese. Lucky Bhutanese, we are one of the wealthiest and the proudest international patients there. Free medical care and education in Bhutan is off course one incomparable heightened pasture. So my, our gratitude; to forefathers for free healthcare precedence, the government taking care now and future who would still keep the legacy going in Bhutan.