Thursday, December 24, 2015

TAKAYASU Arteritis: The reigning soul mate to beautiful women

My sister Tshering Yuden has first picked up respiratory problem and got admitted to JDWNR hospital in March 2015. Having gone through all the tests, she was confirmed of Takayasu Arteritis disease. A rare disease that causes inflammation in the medium and large arteries of the body.
The disease is more common to the child bearing age women. Over time the inflammation results in scarring and damage to the blood vessels. The aorta is the main blood vessel of the body and Takayasu's arteritis targets that vessel and its branches. The damage to the blood vessels results in decreased blood flow to the attached organs (heart, kidney, brain) and this can cause serious problems like strokes and heart attacks.
Symptoms vary depending on the severity of disease and location of the involved arteries. Symptoms can include high blood pressure, chest pain, neck pain, abdominal pain, arm/leg pain, edema, nausea, vomiting and dizziness.
Takayasu Arteritis are of six types based on angiographic involvement.
Type I - Branches of the aortic arch
Type IIa - Ascending aorta, aortic arch, and its branches
Type IIb - Type IIa region plus thoracic descending aorta
Type III - Thoracic descending aorta, abdominal aorta, renal arteries, or a combination
Type IV - Abdominal aorta, renal arteries, or both
Type V - Entire aorta and its branches
To my surprise off late, as my sister narrates on our daily discussion on her conditions and medications. She once took a day off from School last year and visited hospital. She informed the health personnel in Paro hospital of the neck pain and adherently diagnosed and prescribed medication for tonsillitis. Today as she reflect with gained knowledge on the disease, was a wrong diagnosing. I am not blaming rather spreading a simple fact that would help you get fast diagnosed yourself.   
Dr. Yangchen with JDWNRH told me few months back that Takayasu is rampant these days amongst Bhutanese and she is of the opinion of something unusual or wrong with Bhutanese societal. It’s of the greater concern & agonizing to many and JDWNRH should study and cater to build a shelter to its call.
Dr. Debashish Danda MD, Professor and head of RHC department of Christian Medical College and Hospital at Vellore is of the same quandary. The Rheumatology department of the hospital has started serious studies on TAKAYASU. Including my sister Tshering, I have seen other four patients getting needy treatment from Christian Medical College and Hospital. One married, one just 15 and other three in their twenties.

Anyone with slightest chest or neck pain on medication or ignorant with a little ache, my recommendation would be meet doctor and get to know on TAKAYASU Arteritis.