Thursday, January 14, 2016

Book Review-The underage CEOs

Having finished the book “Chanakya in You” in December I moved onto The Underage CEOs as a New Year reading startup for 2016.
The “Chankaya in You” introduces readers to one of such greatest thinkers – Chanakya. The story is about how a drifting boy sets off on a journey of spiritual approach to become the world’s richest person, a noble business man. The author Radhakrishnan Pillai another management think tank of India introduces his books all through the ancient Indian philosophy of “Arthashastra”. Another inspiring book I read bidding farewell to 2015.
Ganesh V. the architect of “The Underage CEOs” gives the impression of molding Robin Sharma’s inspirational dose of “Love is the antidote to fear.” He brings up stories from all walks of life from wistful youths of cramping India. He has champion those doers to millions weak incompetent Indians and others like me. Here is the highlights of the stories of eleven youngsters who have set up their own ventures right after college, thereby becoming CEOs in their twenties.
  1. Web Scholarz LLP- The biking fanatic Sourav Karmakar started with an ethical decent hacking, pointing flaws and giving remedies to companies. His love for the game started in small and scaled up today to a decent Company which aid online security protection based in Calcutta.
  2. Add-On-Gyan: Installed in Manipal/Bengaluru, the founder Priyadeep Sinha has picked up out of the box idea to deliver in practical. It was an approach which recognized learning by doing is more powerful and necessary corollary by reading and writing. It says when curiosity and imagination in children are lost, there is now way one would become creative. She has bomb fired the kid’s curiosity they learn in school.
  3. GharPay Technological Services-The name GharPay itself clears the intent company put forward. Ghar meaning House in Indian language. The aim of the company to simplify payment methods and meaningful deals for online business was accomplished recruiting 14 commendable full time employees within short span of time. The duos Arpit Mohan & Abhishek Nayak’s resolve to the youths are to build products that people desperately need and test all the assumptions one makes about the market, consumers, competition and pricing.
  4. Ikheti-The founder Priyanka Amar Shah created concept of home farming in the hustle  bustling city of Mumbai. Later a one stop shop for urban elites were also featured. The adrenaline rush she had to this ecological repackaging kitchen garden venture made her work lively and profitable. An idea worked wonder with her craving to explore beyond those obvious gambles.
  5. Tech Innovance- Under Tech innovance branding the company kept tract of technological trends. These young entrepreneurs entered the nascent industry the hard way and made home and building automation and automated security solutions. Their trick to start small, very simple to understand and improving as they ascends has given them the lion shares.
  6. Biosyl Technology- Sarah D’Sousa and Amit Vernekar’s idea of studying bacteria cultures was subjective and technical to me. They built door to enter the room of their choice.    
  7. Igenero Web Solutions Pvt. Ltd- Founded in 2008, the digital musketeers Aditya Gupta, Armin Baig and Karan Kumar created web and mobile technology services. Aditya a technically educated turn down engineering job over software development. Their up to date market trends, diversifying products and clients’ priority were stepping stones to this luxury they relish today.
  8. Om Shakti Traders- This story is the pick of the tale. Swati Bondia comes from a very well off family where everyone breathes, eats and sleeps business. It just happened that day a little girl begged her for money while she got stuck on traffic signal. As Swati intrude further on why she needed the money. A little girl replied that if she doesn’t go home with money her mother would thrash her. Pity Swati decided to go to their place and found that their parents drunk and with less hope on their promised decent job by a company which wasn’t a case. So from that moment she started gathering ideas to return to the community and grow herself. She mindfully chosen to work on Crafting and Selling Ethnic Indian Objects of arts to help less privileged people. She got her first break and delivered the self-committed to her clients. Her thoughtful impression of caring individual customers who helped in the beginning was a point arousing.
  9. Centre Stage Dance Company- The artistic approach into business world is well celebrated in India. Few copy from somewhere and some they produce the original ones.  It’s no difference with Avik Bhattacharya who focused his passion for dance into a profitable business.
  10. H. H. High School- It’s a school for rural children from poor families, another social venture enterprise that invites laudable applaud. S. Shadab Hassan the founder gathers his family and friend’s strength and successfully set up school in an economically backward Jharkhand. He has made two campaign “Reach2teach” and “Volunteer2teach” and another tradition of inviting as a chief guest who supports to the cause of school. Using the available means to get kick start was a smart move. He proved the world that there are many beautiful souls and the world itself is a beautiful place to live. The school planted many trees which now offers sense of longevity to many alumni and the most importantly changed life of so many kids. The beauty I acquired from his story is to help as many as one could and someday someone would follow up your path and respond to your cause.
  11.  Nurturing Green- Based in Capital of India Delhi, the company profiled by Annu Grover took a course less sprinted. The idea is green and sustainable. The smoky flunky Delhi needs this. This business aims to put a plant in every hand that goes out to gift. How I wish if this could be another trending behind smart phones in the world. Her initiative were appreciated to the extent that it was even featured in companies as their Corporate Social Responsibility. Her marketing strategies were phenomenal that exponential growth rooted at the earliest and the business green and viable.
The Underage CEOs is book that narrates unwavering dedication and hard earned stage the youths underwent on the stature of entrepreneurship. They have chosen the path, fought the societies ethically and ethnically, befriended with so many other CEOs, peers and families, changed the conventional society and today they run their own shows.
Today the scenario in Bhutan is of no exception, smart families bore smart t kids. They starts to churn the milk offered on their own. Societal blueprints and support would be another walls today’s kids would find solace and climb the lowest rung.   
Pick a copy and build a way to get a glimpse to what it needs to be a CEOs. I guarantee you will not repent. I bought this 224 paged Collins Business publications published from at just Rs. 75 where original mark price stands at Rs. 250. Thank you Ganesh V.

The next book on my table is ZERO to ONE by Peter Thiel.