Monday, January 11, 2016

January Talk of the Town

Facebook feeds and social Medias are bursting with the news of expecting Royal visit from United Kingdom.
BBC news ( has that the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge will make an official visit to Bhutan this spring. Their visit to Himalayan kingdom Bhutan and Nepal come at the request of the UK government coinciding with their previously announced official tour of India.
National paper Kuensel on 9th January 2016 issue has a 128 words report on such a glorious news, homework properly not stack for better ambiance. On other hands BBC reports that the official announcement comes from Kensington Palace in the United Kingdom via social media.
An official visit of another Royal would definitely mean talk of the town. The visit will be of normalcy western Bhutan. The security will be solid, airport will get a round of servicing, Thimphu will be added with more beautiful structures. Printing business firms would pick up their stats while tourism would get another branding sphere to the world.
William and Kate are for sure not going to see the real Bhutan for the inadequate time they cart. The global known and National Campaign Champion Gross National Happiness would be an April fool if he intends to understand and accept the opposite way our people take.
I have seen few travel agents has already begun their sales promotion where I am also intending to reach potential few. The door opens for hard currency influx and tourism a usual Bermuda Triangle situation before the draft recommendation of tourism’s rules and regulations of National Council becomes a bill. The Royal visit to Bhutan would be pro travel business aiding and heighten the brand Bhutan, mold a way to FDIs and help reach many who less knows Bhutan.
The talk of the town is intense and the government has not formally announced the official visit of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge. The atmosphere is composing and stories loading. Spring will sprung a lot more than April fools.

UK holds no bilateral relation with Bhutan, but such a pronouncement from their majesties is of immense joy and greater satisfaction. A similar visits from king of Thailand, nine kings from Malaysia and other Royal Patron would trend screen Bhutanese hearts to glory. April’s grandeur is exciting winter's chilling breeze.