Saturday, February 6, 2016

Younglu Phenpai Menchu-Hot stone bath

Menchu is a hot stone soaked with some herbs bathing. More than bathing physical clean it is a leisure soaking inside warm water with a traditional believe of relieving cramps and heeling other ailments. It does discharge comfort and so many people augmented on this traditional conventional bathing.    

Younglu Phenpai Menchu (YPM) is one of many service providers here in Thimphu. It is located around five hundred meters along Royal Thimphu College road from the Babesa junction. The location stands perfect, air thin and clean, and spacious parking though the dry dust not mended nicely is serene. Their business operation at the present site begun just a month ago. I am told they are open 24 hours and business running well.

In total YPM has 9 wooden box bowl ready every time to marinate yourself into scented herbs and the warm water. A separate resting cum changing rooms in each compartment are welcoming and your privacy prioritized.

The services are on first come first basis, telephone calls are entertained less because of previous shortfalls from the customers. A restaurant with bar serving the signature Changkay on order stands screen-able as you enter the arena.

The people there would tell you they are ready any time, but it is not. One should expect unexpected waiting time. Waiting in a couch is a usual business trending, their waiting time would be able to finish a cup of tea or two before they call us for the real game.

The pricing is a real price-tag, venomous, its Nu: 500 for single and Nu: 700 for double person compartment respectively.  White painting on the walls inside the compartment are not so well acquainted, leaning over the wall taints your clothes. Paints were scattered along the wall giving an odd to the floorings. A thorough cleaning would clinch applauding and better business.

Well I check for myself and it is not so bad, a mild sweet Changkay in the middle of immersion was gesturing immaculate. One beautiful funny thing was I forgot to pick up my underwear and now it’s concluded lost. A perfect day it was and gratitude to my cousin for clearing the bills both for Mencbu and dinner though I initiated the interest.

17430143/77671663, Younglu Phenpai Manchu if you wish to make yours.