Monday, March 21, 2016

Equinox Boy- My Birthday

Yesterday 20th March international Happiness day and today 21st March marks another year, year that would change my status another year. Twenty fifteen and my twenty eight was fairly well balanced. A good family moments were there, friends were cheering, money was kind enough to run through a year, commendable shopping, discernible donation, creditable contribution, read & scribbled, slept less & exercises mounted, noticeable merriment, gulped liquor and many more.

Hmmmm, I just realized truncated travel moments I had than the previous year.  I am not so religious nor follow atheist suit but no kidding I ran a kindness store for a year. That was one hell of merry making and connection was awesome. Anyway 28 was kind on me and hopeful 29 will be even better.

Friends, good friends, families and others I made a year along are already pouring in their good wishes, messages, calls, Facebook messages, and picture messages. Thank you everyone, though we were on same ship ferrying to build our own empire, the cruise was definitely smooth, cheering and laudable. Hopeful this year I could get to board on different ship get along with different people, different society, and different different and different.          
I am carrying the same intuition of the birthday celebrations well suiting the teenagers and kids, though the celebration level would surely change in caliber with time. I am not hypocrite and not even trying to be one, seriously I was not well connected with birthday’s celebration of mine, maybe because I wasn’t well acquainted to the traditions in my early years or I love not to treat my friends at different level on birthdays. Haha, this line is framed.
 I never treated friends or families on my birthdays thus far and thinking to keep the trend. This looks odd, I got picked and sneaked myself out on others birthdays’ celebration.
Oh I want to try one different naughty on my birthday. I have a one sweet girlfriend and I am sure she would not hate me for this, I am going for a date with a girl whose birthday falls today, 21st March. 

I am March equinox boy, my mom and dad might have sweat for 12 hours night and enjoyed 12 hours bright sun light to have me as their son. 
Good day everyone and happy birthday to all others celebrating birthdays today. Thank you for reading.