Tuesday, March 1, 2016


I am not going to bore your few precious minutes with my awkward project introduction. Your few minutes would definitely raise my energy and yours too. I was dormant for past few weeks, all I have been doing was thinking, planning and negotiating with so many people yet so less on a startup project. I am awkwardly proud to introduce to you my distinct venture. The Funeral Service Thimphu (FST).

It is a services at Thimphu Crematorium developed in conjunction to the needs in the service to ferry an ambivalent circumstances after the demise of souls and to level everyone equal through crematory services.

The reason Funeral Service Thimphu derived into visibility was through one’s experiences of harsh crematorium processes to many immature souls and the need to face uneventful. The genuine motive to this move is a Societal-Business model that is virtually a treasure-house of profound spiritual thoughts. A business that would definitely give back to the community.

The Funeral Services aims to influence and carry the Orthodox culture to a healthy understanding of parting souls and the true nature of life & death. It certainly will gear up those unforeseen events providing choices with our services.

The services include incineration Pyre adorning, catering through assorting ready-made offerings and other necessities at the crematorium, transfer services, and few post crematorium services.

Sustainability is a source to this idea and advancing gracefully is the competent verve the FST would respire.

Our objective:
  • Societal- Business model
  • Making crematorium essential amenities and services available any time 
  • Ease people from unsolicited circumstances
  • Efficient Time & resources to city dwellers
  • Employment opportunities

The act of crematorium business creation is singular with assumingly zero competition resulting something fresh and new in town to old traditions. What makes the business distinctive is not that it has not happened before, but rather a timely approach with business ethics with vertical progress intelligent put in place.

We are not fighting for the business rather the business we are advancing is because of the circumstances and the choices people need any time. Our journey is a drive with startup thinking, start small and branding. Taking monopoly stand, we are on the road thinking beyond making money. Giving back to the community.

The focus is on understanding the transiency of life, thinking about one’s own mortality as an impetus to make life meaningful, and perform good deeds on behalf of the deceased.
The very Services of FST would accomplish and develop a more profound understanding of the meaning and purpose of life, help convey the emotions at the time of death and realize life after death is not the end.
The Service is not only an opportunity to express our love for our loved one who has fallen asleep; it is also a sacred time, a wonderful opportunity for reflection and inner meditation on our own relationship  with deceased and life after with memorial services of ours. The business intend to express bereavement and filial piety through our simple, solemn & dignified services at all time. 

People with superior intuition are welcome with your generous support through investing, recommending ideas, and helping reach to the people. 

Thank you for reading.