Saturday, June 18, 2016

What I am doing?

Book: On recommendation from a good funny friend of friends and another smart friend of friends gifted the very book. I am reading Murakami “Kafka on the shore” quarter way through - Kafka at 15 runs away from home, from his unconcern dad in search of no predefined destiny or somewhere very far away where he could be himself. In his surreal mobile voyage he comes across a library where he spends quite a while readying old golden rare collections on unreal identity. The curiosity and intricacies of the story is building up, more fun of literary phrases and sponge of attention mounting. No doubt DAILY MAIL has “Wonderful... Magical and outlandish” and the TIME “Hypnotic, Spell binding”

Work: Tourism in Bhutan is off course one economy entity that contributes to the economy of Bhutan significantly. Next to hydro power if my general assumption is not wrong. So much has discussed and so little has in real ground. Bhutan has “High Value, Low Impact” as tourism policy claiming to serve the purpose of exclusivity and high yield for Bhutan. Which in the view of current situation do not shield the vibrant image Bhutan has as in policy. Undercutting practice been inescapable prevalent, regional tourists despondently increasing in their arrivals but not the business to Bhutanese. Smaller travel agents like that of my caliber would inject more good possibly if recommendations directed by National Council approved. I run a small not negligible company Elite Scenic Voyage.

Social work: Recently I started setting up a societal Business service called Funeral Service Thimphu. Mass populace has a misconception of the funeral service Thimphu providing from A to Z services which isn’t true. Well our intent was and will be providing all those pre and post necessary needs for time efficiency to city dwellers. For now we provide adorned pyres, Pyre Boxes, and ash bags. Transferring services coming sooner to your convenience and affordability.  We are in startup stand and funding of any amount would be noble from organization.

Basketball: I am supporting Golden State Warriors and the final series of NBA has been tantamount TV treat as that of few national event broadcast. I group myself with friends from college and high. We call ourselves Team Lizards not official, at times we have defeated team Wizards, the 2016 Champion of Thimphu in series. Fortunately one of the team Wizard’s best player Rinchen Dorji plays from our side. This giant man has influence many of us to the standard that we ends up debating on rules inside and out the court. The level of play definitely charged.

Football: Manu and Rooney has been the figure I figured thus far. After artificial turf being laid in Changlimithang National Staduim, football in Thimphu has entered new page. International game were played and local club matches picking the tune and standard. For me on the artificial turf, started with House team, a team again formed amongst good friends from college and high school. We have good record with team “The House”, won Thimphu Open First Runners-up twice. Ground booking wasn’t a big problem before, we have had a friend working for BOC who now cares no more. Our often play has become rare and lethargic. This year’s Thimphu open organized by Transport United team, I am playing with Charo FC.  

To the lazy Saturday, I managed to write few things that could connects to good friends.  
Happy Weekends.