Monday, July 4, 2016

Draphu Choling Gonpa-Lama Ngawang Chogyal

It’s against all odd that I am sharing my weekend’s time here again. It’s not about travel or game or not even about the recent book I am reading. Well let me take you through through my lens to another paradise, Lama Ngawang Chogyal’s resident at Bap Depsi, Thimphu. It has Draphu Choling Goenpa as its formal name though it is popularly known as Lam Ngawang Chogyal’s resident to the Bhutanese.

It was half the decade years ago I first visited Lama Ngawang Chogyal’s reincarnate, present Rinpoche and the Nye. Then throughout in my absence of the presence I only heard stories of Rinpoche’s articulating divinations of individual. Helping heel devotees. Today I have seen many structural and sight deviations, the sore sight of the Gonpa advanced. Then and now a complete transformation.

The place has peace road access, structure renewed, individual Nye has printed name attached to the rock for easy differentiating, paved ground, cemented footsteps and the worst barren surrounding ruined by the recent forest fire.

Well the 15th century Lama Nagwang Chogyal and his brother the divine madman Drukpa Kunley were said to have mediated and sanctified the Nye. It is even believed that Lama Drukpa Kunley met Khandro Barpi Chozom here. To commemorate the historical saints, Rinpoche incarnate has installed Guru Statue in the Centre, Chenrigzee to the left and Drukpa Kunley, and Jitsun Milarepa respectively to the right. One of the Rinpcohe’s attendants Yonten Gyeltshen said Zhabdrung will soon be installed to the extreme right in second story of the main temple.

Third level takes the seat of Buddha curved from solid wood, to this Lopen Gyeltshen explained that the Buddha was sculpted by Bhutanese artisan to be transferred to Nepal. However, because of some failing to meet the airlines freight procedures, the statue could not be transported to Nepal and the patron donated to the Gonpa.

The odd introduction starts now, I was headed to town with my niece for the hunt to replace her damaged phone. On our way, we were given lift by a taxi driver who is also from our village. As we started from Olakha to town I heard him talk over the phone time and again conversing over the sand. The conversation was on loudspeaker, speedometer at 50Km/h escaping regular traffic police along the road. The free ride he offered was not free, I was introduced to the talk. The conversation was simple, he was looking for more head count to share the price for buying a truck trip of sand to deliver at Rinpoche’s place. We informed our other village folks about this and our proposal agreed. The price for one full truck trip sand had cost a soaring price of Nu: 18000 but the price paid. The sand were in need urgently. As a way to show respect we said okay about the price though we wanted to complain to the concern authority of the malpractice the truckers fix.

Bill cleared, sand delivered. The truck driver to his own rescue promised to deliver another free truckload of sand soon. The small contribution took me to the Rinpoche and the Nye. “Janga mange, Meser ga gela”-Rinpoche has this on his lips. 

If you wish to support deliver another truck load of sand or few sacks of cement please contact Lama’s attendant Yonten Gyeltshen at 17912684