Thursday, March 30, 2017


Recent Bhutan Football team conceding another countless counting fourteen goals from Oman in the ongoing AFC qualifying games at Oman marks another history and reflects some erroneous into Bhutanese football. On Similar stand Bhutan lost to Kuwait at Kuwait 20-0 in 2000 AFC Cup qualification. 

Bhutan looks to be underdog commented one of the Oman’s media personal in pre-match conference. The man in charge replied he doesn’t really know where Bhutan’s level with Oman stands. It’s a lame stand to hear him express “We are just at the beginning, we want to give great fight tomorrow and also show some good football.”

Bhutan football is not at an infant stage, started in 1960s the first National Football governing body known as Bhutan Football Association (BFA) was succeeded by the Bhutan Football Federation (BFF) in 1983. The close competitive match being played in 2008 against India losing by 2 to 1 in Maldives in SAFF championship 2008, sacking Japanese coach in the middle of the international match, extraordinary Supe and Namgay Zam’s effort in supporting home games, and later beating Sri Lanka to rung up in the standing speaks volume and the expectations follows. 

Former National player Pema Rinchen commented on my request on his analysis to the Football in Bhutan. He said “I don't have much because players were giving their best. No one goes there to lose the match. I personally when I was playing, we went for win no matter who the opponents were. So what we lack is taking football as professional, and making professionalism in management & players.
If I see someone saying something bad about players I would personally fuck their zero knowledge face.” 

As luxurious as the Dragon boys are in the heart of football lovers in Bhutan, footballing in Bhutan lacks to treat the eyes of loyalties at many levels. Certain level of professionalism questionable and failing. High time the leading footballing body provide sense of pride, security & the financial aid and equally place responsibilities on each players to book their place in national team and please their subject the Bhutanese fan.

From the football loving perspective, disheartened that there were no effort to please subjects either from BFF nor government just paying Bhutan Telecom/BBS to live telecast the Oman Bhutan match. Moreover website looks dead so does the Bhutan Olympic committee web-page in terms of information dissemination. 

Not so confident on the players Sangay Tempa commented on one of the dead posts from Bhutan football pageIt is just a bunch of school boys chasing the ball and kicking it when it falls on their feet. But again, it just shows where we are at in the footballing world.” 

“It's high time to recruit new players. There are lots all we need is to go across the country to pick them coz they are underprivileged. Always losing” Karma Drupchu pinned his opinion from yesterday’s match Bhutan Football Team played against Oman.

I remember friend of mine football lover but Table Tennis enthusiast arguing investing in individual games would gather more pride to Bhutan than those games that requires huge investment in international arena.  

Conversely few Bhutanese compared Bhutan team, Chencho Gyeltshen and the likes to Iceland’s surprise rise in the footballing.

These are few collected lines and stats keeping offshore the positive accomplishment BFF achieved thus far.

Oman ranks 122nd in the FIFA world football ranking while Bhutan stands at 177th.  

Bhutan National Team. Pic: Bhutan National Football Team Facebook Page.