Sunday, September 3, 2017

Babesa Village Restaurant

The standard of services we were given yesterday at your restaurant was not something people talk in the town. There were only countable Indian guests while we checked in and settled down. The welcome was not welcoming, we had to request table upstairs while a girl on stand with tray requested us to take table on second floor. Upstairs has a better ambience than the darker second floor tables.

Conventional supplemented modern restaurant do not have enough good parking space. The little parking at the gate is not leveled well to the suit of smaller vehicles and the technical need of reversing car easy.

For Bhutanese I, the setup I have seen myself there was more of contemporary conventional. Having high tables for seating would have been good onto many, more to visitors from outside. Wait time and the strength of our knees were not at par.

All serving tableware were authentic Bhutanese crafted but we silently wished the restaurant could have refurbished the paintings of all tableware, specially the serving Phobs/cups to disallow our emotions for hygienic tweak. Spoon was rough.

Our group was Bhutanese, we wished similar treatment on table as to those of guests. Same price same services. No mentioning of different rates for same services for different clients. We had to wake up to their kitchen cabin several times. It was a good lil break on the knees though.      
People would not comment but agrees the house system, and the house care less of its business implications at the larger front. One of the common Bhutanese way of paging visitor welcomes you with the note “PARKING FOR CUSTOMERS ONLY. PARK AT YOUR OWN RISK, COMPANY NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR LOSS OR DAMAGE TO VEHICLES”         
Wondered why local drinks (wine) were charged higher, spoon of wooden ones, admin having a plan to sort parking space!!!!!!

The better pasture. Suja with Zaow was superb. Food was great on us Bhutanese tongue. The food served in wooden bowls and the steam rice in the earthen pot lightens emotive needs of having Bhutanese dish.The view through windows were beautiful.

The price on food items were common and reasonable as in town. Surrounding with walnut and other fruit trees is freshening. Their 9 paged menu was not head spinning to choose select. Of all the washroom was superb. No need for Passu’s attention.